Sunday, Sep 30th, 2007 - 2:00 PM

JHU - SAIS Rome Building

Cost: FREE

Community Sponsor: Sejong Society DC

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Directed by Hohyun Joung Kim

Running Time: 57 minutes
Year: 2005
Languages(s): English, Korean w/ subtitles


In this personal documentary, filmmaker Hohyun Joung Kim explores the fraught relationship between her and her mother, a devout Christian whose deep-seated religious beliefs clash with the more liberal views of her daughter. A widow, Hohyun’s mother has also abandoned all duties as first daughter-in-law, to the frustration of her husband’s family, who expects her to carry on the traditional roles of a Korean woman even after her husband’s death. Tensions mount as Hohyun’s mother pressures her daughter to give away her share of her father’s land to the church, as she herself has done. Hohyung struggles to understand how her mother could so freely give away something she’s worked hard to earn, leading to a number of bitter and emotional confrontations between mother and daughter. The conflicts in this powerful film are similar to issues facing many families, but their unique and moving expression here reveals much about the patriarchal Korean family structure and the concept of religious fervor. Above all, the film deals with one woman’s searching and often painful journey to attempt to understand her mother.