Sunday, Sep 30th, 2007 - 4:00 PM

JHU - SAIS Rome Building

Cost: FREE

Filmmaker in attendance

Community Sponsor: Sejong Society DC

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Tie A Yellow Ribbon

Directed by Joy Dietrich

Running Time: 87 minutes
Year: 2007
Narrative Fiction
Languages(s): English



Jenny Mason is a young Korean American adoptee living a rootless existence in New York. She wanders aimlessly from her barista job to one meaningless relationship after another. But as the story of the film unfolds, we learn more about her past as she begins to come out of her isolation.

Jenny moves in with the beautiful model Beatrice Shimizu and becomes interested in photography and her long-ignored Asian American identity. Mousy next door neighbor Sandy, introduces Jenny to her sexy brother Simon Chang, a brooding musician who is taken with Jenny.

Throughout all of this Jenny is haunted by her past, making it difficult to connect with her new friends. In this moody, poetic film, nothing is neatly resolved and the past is never far away. Joy Dietrich’s first feature is a remarkably insightful drama about family and human relationships.

TIE A YELLOW RIBBON won the Best Narrative Feature Film award at the HBO-sponsored Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival New York City and Joy Dietrich won the Special Jury Prize for BEST DIRECTOR at CineVegas Film Festival 2007.