Saturday, Oct 6th, 2007 - 1:00 PM

Freer/Sackler Gallery - Smithsonian

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View From A Grain of Sand

Directed by Meena Nanji

Running Time: 82 minutes
Year: 2006
Languages(s): Afghan Persian,Urdu, OTHER w/ subtitles


This unblinking look into the history of Afghanistan examines the lives of Afghan women through a prism of violent political and social change that has shaped the country over the past four decades.

From the country's Soviet occupation to its liberation, to the rise and fall of the Taliban, filmmaker Meena Nanji explores the brutal, ongoing struggle for women's rights against the surge of Islamic fundamentalism through the eyes of three Afghan women.

With touching candor, Shapiray, a teacher; Roeena, a doctor; and Wajia, a social activist, share their constant daily battles living in a country whose discriminatory gender policies challenge their present roles in society, but not their hopes for a better future.

Gripping and often startling, with some scenes depicting graphic violence, this film journeys to war-torn Afghanistan and across the border to the sprawling refugee camps in Pakistan, offering a perspective few people ever see.