Saturday, Sep 29th, 2007 - 3:00 PM

Rosslyn Spectrum

Cost: $5

Supporting Community Sponsor: Korean American Coalition

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Filmmaker in attendance


Directed by Chris Chan Lee

Running Time: 85 minutes
Year: 2006
Narrative Fiction
Languages(s): English


After a year-long, unannounced and unexplained departure, Samuel returns to Los Angeles to atone for past sins.

UNDOING represents Chris Chan Lee's welcome return to the director's chair after an eight-year absence. Set in Los Angeles, this film features Sung Kang (THE MOTEL, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW) playing the role of Samuel, a man with a criminal past who fled L.A. after witnessing the murder of his close friend Joon (Leonardo Nam: FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT, AMERICAN PASTTIME). Upon Samuel's return to L.A., he must reenter his shady past with the help of his friend and confidante, Don, in order to win back the girl he left behind (Kelly Hu: X-Men 2, AMERICANESE), and to finally confront the circumstances surrounding Joon's death.

UNDOING is a story which unfolds at a steady and deliberate pace, unveiling the menacing dark cloud Chris Chan Lee hangs over sunny L.A. True to the film's stylish visuals, the performances and mood are at once dark, thoughtful and engaging. UNDOING successfully combines skillful storytelling, strong performances and high production values to create something a little unexpected: a crime/street drama that's emotionally intelligent.

Also starring Russell Wong (JOY LUCK CLUB, ROMEO MUST DIE) as the hitman Leon, and Tom Bower (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, NORTH COUNTRY) as Samuel's friend, Don.

Within Limits

Directed by Eubin Kim

Running Time: 13 minutes
Year: 2006
Narrative Fiction
Languages(s): Korean,English


The story of the internal conflict someone can feel when deciding between continuing to live a way that feels comfortable versus changing to live in a way that may be supposedly 'better'. Sometimes when we are so conditioned to feel helpless, we start to subconsiously think that feeling paralyzed is the only way to live.